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biomass boiler ground source heat pump winter maintenance

August was a fine month for renewable energy owners and the UK population as a whole, with the temperature well above average over the second half of the month. With central heating turned off and hot water demand  reduced, ground source heat pumps also had a lot of the month off allowing ground to recover ahead of the coming Autumn and Winter heating seasons.

The amount of collector placed in the ground is vital to ground source heating efficiency. We see quite a variation in ground array sizes – clearly some installers rely on a warm, wet period to replace the energy that has been taken out of the ground during the cold months. Sadly we have already had to attend several sites this year where the ground array was slowly freezing the ground due to over extraction. If you have had concerns in previous winters that your system was not performing as well as you had expected, we are able to take an impartial view of your system and advise on what could be achieved prior to the weather turning cold again.

Many biomass boiler owners took the opportunity to close down their machines for a full clean during the summer period, reducing the probability of encountering problems such as clinker build up and blocked flues in the heavy usage months ahead. Thorough cleaning is a vital part in maintaining the effectiveness of biomass systems. If you’re aware that you need to get this done then it’s not too late. You will need to allow time for the boiler to cool down prior to being serviced so make sure that you allow for this when scheduling in a service visit.

If you have switched your system off, it’s worthwhile making sure that it is in prime condition ahead of time. Our engineers will be even busier once the cold weather sets in, so getting a service visit scheduled and having any remedial work carried out whilst the temperature is still pleasant could save you a headache later on in the year. As is always the case, it is sensible to ensure that you are benefitting from your system performing at maximum efficiency as this has a direct impact on your wallet.

If you would like to book an appointment for your renewable energy system then get in touch with your nearest office and we would be delighted to help.