Domestic RHI and your obligations

The successful introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive schemes by the Government over two years ago has seen a large uptake in the installation of sustainable energy systems by both homeowners and businesses. As part of their obligations for participating in the scheme and thereby receiving the subsidy payment, domestic owners are required to meet minimum standards in regards to the maintenance of their system. Here we guide you through what this means for you, and how Total Energy Support can provide all the support that you require.

Domestic RHI

For any renewable energy system that is accredited onto the RHI scheme, owners must ensure that eligibility criteria against which the system was originally assessed continue to be met. This could be ensuring that replacement parts are compliant with MCS standards, for example, so we only use parts that exceed minimum standards.

As is to be expected, owners cannot use public funds for their installation without declaring it, nor move a system to a new address. OFGEM oversee administrative arrangements, and owners must cooperate with any site visits or evaluations carried out by OFGEM.  Biomass boiler owners will need to provide written evidence that the fuel they use comes from a registered supplier and meets minimum quality controls. If the property containing the renewable system is sold, the new owner becomes responsible for the system and thereby liable for meeting the criteria. If you are a new owner, we can help ensure that your system (and fuel for biomass owners) is up to OFGEM standards and give you advice on how to maximise its efficiency.

Most importantly, OFGEM state that “the heating system must be kept in good working order” and can take enforcement action i.e suspended or cancelled payments, if that is not the case. To quote; “It is expected that heating systems should be maintained in line with the manufacturer’s instructions” and goes on “If your heating system stops working such that it is unable to generate heat, you must contact OFGEM within 28 days of discovering this”. Clearly, any breakdown can have the double negative effect of the loss of heat around the home and the suspended payment of subsidy.

Therefore, we ensure that our maintenance plans for heat pumps and biomass boilers meet, and normally exceed, manufacturer’s instructions – giving you certainty that your system will continue to benefit you financially for the duration of the RHI and beyond.

As part of acceptance onto the scheme, owners must annually declare that they are compliant with these obligations, and can face suspended or cancelled payments if these obligations are not met. Random audit checks are carried out by OFGEM in order to police the scheme. If you are receiving the RHI but have let the maintenance of your system slip, give us a call and we will get you back on track!