Has your installer gone out of business?

Purchasing a renewable heating system can be one of the largest single home improvement investments that any household will make. Therefore, ensuring that it is well looked after is clearly of prime importance to the end consumer. The unfortunate recent demise of another renewable energy firm is an indication that, as in the economics of any industry, there are an increasing number of installers who are unable to sustain their business and end up in liquidation. This leaves their clients wondering where they stand with regards to the RHI, warranties and the maintenance of their system. If you find yourself in this unwelcome position, what can you expect to happen next?

The RHI is Government funded and once you are on the scheme you are guaranteed the subsidy for seven years, on the condition that you maintain your system in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The tariff that you received when joining is locked in, with the only change being a yearly increase in line with the RPI. Therefore, no need to panic!

However this is not the entire story – it is just as important to maintain a high coefficient of performance and so reduce ongoing running costs. Total Energy Support is here to provide impartial advice and expertise. Our aim is to maintain and repair systems so that they are operating at maximum efficiency throughout the year. Our standard contracts allow for annual service visits, with access to phone support throughout the year. We also offer reduced emergency call out rates for those who take out a service contract.

The question of where you stand with your warranty work can be a little more problematic and is largely dictated by the agreements signed between yourself, the installer and the manufacturer.  We will look at each case individually, and where we are able carry out work under parts warranty we will look to do so.

If you are in the luckless situation of having been let down by your installer, then we would be happy to pick up the pieces and help restore your renewable system to a state where you can enjoy low cost green energy for years to come.